Nikolina Curgus

Nikolina Ćurgus – the president and HR of “Glasovi Nade” choir

Nikolina Ćurgus was born in Sisak in 1977.

She has been living in Belgrade since 1991.

She graduated from Fifth Belgrade High School and then entered the Faculty of Political Sciences.

She has been engaged in journalism since he was nineteen years old. Her starting point was the editorial office of the Morning Program on RTS, where she worked as a presenter, and journalist – desk. She was also a radio host (radio Belgrade 101). She tried her hand at the role of editor in the entertainment show “TV STAR”, which she produced in her production, and after working on TV “Pink”, RTV “NAŠA” and BN TV, since 2019 she has been working on the show “Mobil auto” on TV “B92”. She won first place in the category of journalists, in the TV show “For a million years”.

She is engaged in music as an amateur, starting from elementary school, where she sang in a choir. Performed at city singing competitions “Show what you know”, where she always won first place. In Belgrade, she won first place at the “Radiovision” competition (Radio 101), which was the forerunner of the first similar television competition “3K DUR”.

Playing instruments is a real treat for her and, although self-taught, she learned to play the accordion, guitar, tambourine, and flute. Together with her brother, she ran a dance school of Latin American dances.

She joined the “Voices of Hope” singing school two years ago. Since then, she has been performing at concerts and competing with professionals. She considers her greatest success to be the fact that she encouraged many to realize their dreams in the world of music and to convey support and unconditional love to children to bring their talents to the surface.

Dusan Vuckovic

Dusan Vuckovic – deputy manager and assistant at singing school “Voices of Hope”

He was born in 1989. in Krusevac, Serbia.

He graduated at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, at department for information systems and technology.

His musical experience began as a choir singer, at “Trinity” choir, from Belgrade, where he met the conductor M.F.A. Nada Vukovic, with whom, he later continued collaboration in the singing school “Voices of Hope”, when he became a permanent member of the same name vocal group.

As a member of the “Trinity” choir, performing at home and abroad, he had several notable solo performances.Also, he has performed with the vocal group “Voices of Hope”. Until recently, he has been working as a choir’s president.

He speaks fluently four foreign languages​​ and he is also interested in acting, web and graphic design.

Marija Serdar – assistant at singing school “Voices of Hope”

Marija Serdar was born in Belgrade in 2001.

She graduated from Artimedia High School in her hometown.

She started singing when she was only 9. Marija recorded her first song in 2011 when she was ten years old, and soon afterwards, became the winner of the “First Serbian Talent” competition.

After graduating from “MMA” (“Mini Music Academy”), in 2012, Marija performed in the semifinals of the “I have talent” competition and won the sympathy of the jury and the audience. In 2013, she enrolled in the singing school “Voices ofHope”,led by a professor Nada Vukovic, where she successfully continued her singing career.

Marija was the winner of the season #1 “Pink Stars” competition (2015). Furthermore, She has collaborated with many serbian singers and producers, thereas, on the other hand, she has performed at world-wide Festivals and, always, ended up “golden”.

Marija received the most significant award in Berlin, in 2019, which put her in the position of being offered to collaborate with one of the best producers from London and successfully elevate her career in Great Britain.

Starting 2018 is an assistant at the singing school “Voices of Hope”. Led by joy and enthusiasm, Marija leads young people throughout music, enriching their voices with her brilliant glow and incredible vocal and guiding power.