Professor Nada Vukovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1976.

From 2001 to 2016, she worked at the Academy of Art in Belgrade as a professor, in the Department of Sound Design and Music Production (Subjects: Solfeggio with the theory of music, Score reading and Musical instruments).

She finished Theoretic department of Music High School ”Kornelije Stankovic”, as the best student in her generation.

She graduated and finished post-graduate studies of conducting at the Faculty of Music, Art University of Belgrade, in the class of professor Darinka Matic Marovic.

Nada also assisted to professor Darinka Matic Marovic with the choirs ‘‘Collegium Musicum” (1995-1997) and ‘‘Obilic AKUD Branko Krsmanovic”(1994-2000).

From 2000 – 2010 she was the conductor of the choir ”Belcanto”.

With this choir, she had numerous concerts in Belgrade (Atrium of National Museum, Gallery SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art), Ethnographic Museum, Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavilion, Ruski dom (Center of Russian Culture and Art), Sava Center, the Fresco Gallery, SKC (Student Cultural Center), the Temple of St. Sava, Museum of Contemporary Art,…), and it is also significant to mention that with ”Belcanto” she took participation on festivals, such as: ”The Days of Mokranjac” in Negotin, Serbia, ”The Days of Jelena Anzujska” in Gradac Monastery, Serbia, as well as on the concerts abroad (Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Russian Federation, Germany, Kingdom of Holland, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy…).

During 2007, Nada was conductor of ‘Iuventus Cantat” choir from Sombor, Serbia. A series of fantastic performances in Switzerland is something that has marked the collaboration with the choir.

In 2010 she founded the “Trinity” choir and she was choir conductor until the end of 2011. What makes the choir recognizable is its choreography, in addition to singing, and performing on the scene.

After a successful tour of Spain, the choir “Trinity”, was the choir announced as THE BEST CHOIR of the “32 International Choir Festival in Catalonia”, Nada gets an invitation to hold a master class to the choirs from around the world, in 2013., in Barcelona.

She won numerous prizes and acknowledgements with her ensembles:

1999 – FIRST PRIZE on the Republic Competition of String Orchestras with the Orchestra of Music School ”Vatroslav Lisinski”.

2000 – FIRST PRIZE on the Republic Choir Competition with the Choir of Music School ”Vatroslav Lisinski”.

2000 – SPECIAL PRIZE on the Republic Choir Competition with the Choir of Music School ”Vatroslav Lisinski“.

2001 – LAUREATES of Fifth Eastern Festival of Russian Sacred Music in Krasnoyarsk ( Russian Federation ) with ”Belcanto” choir.

2001 – GOLDEN BELT – FIRST PRIZE in the mixed choirs category as well as the Special prize for interpretation of national composition on 9th Academic Banska Bistrica ( Slovakia ), with ‘Belcanto’ choir.

2002 – SPECIAL PRIZE and LAUREATES of Republic Competition of Music High Schools with the choir of Music High School ”Vatroslav Lisinski”.

2002 – SILVER DIPLOMA in the category of mixed choirs of 4th International Choir Competition in Miltenberg-Elzenfeld ( Germany ) with ”Belcanto” choir.

2002 – FIRST PLACE in the mixed choirs category of 1st International Choir Festival ”Dragan Suplevski”, Skopje ( FYR Macedonia ) with ”Belcanto” choir.

2003 – FIRST PLACE in the mixed choirs category of 3rd International Choir Competition ”Zlatna vila” Prijedor ( Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina ) with ”Belcanto” choir.

2005 – SPECIAL PRIZE for the best performance of composition with folklore elements in the mixed choirs category of 5th International Choir Competition ”Zlatna vila”, Prijedor (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina ) with ”Belcanto” choir.

2005 – SPECIAL PRIZE for the best interpretation and high artistic achievement in the mixed choirs category on International Competition of ”Bogorodica, Dostojno Jest”, Pomorie (Bulgaria), with ”Belcanto” choir.

2006 – SPECIAL PRIZE for innovation, virtuosity, and glow of interpretation in the mixed choirs category of 6th International Choir Competition ”Zlatna vila”, Prijedor (the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) with ‘Belcanto’ choir.

2007 – LAUREATES at the 13th Festival of Sacred Music ”Choirs among Frescoes”, ”Vojislav Ilic” prize, in the chamber choirs category, with ”Belcanto” choir and approbation for research in the field of the contemporary Serbian sacred music.

2008 – THE SPECIAL AWARD in the chamber choirs category at 14th Festival of Sacred Music “CHOIRS AMONG FRESCOES”, with ”Belcanto” choir (Belgrade, Serbia).

2009 – LAUREATES at the 15th festival of sacred music Choirs among Frescoes, in the chamber choirs category (Belgrade, Serbia), with Belcanto choir.

2010 – AWARD FOR BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE PROGRAM at the First International Choir Festival “Voice of Belgrade”, Belgrade (Serbia), with Belcanto choir.

2010 – SPECIAL PRIZE for the best performance of contemporary choral composition at XXIII festival in Nis (Serbia), with “Belcanto” choir.

In September 2011 the choir “Trinity ” was announced as THE BEST CHOIR of the “32 International Choir Festival in Catalonia”, Spain.

Nada Vukovic has significant pedagogic experience:

*1994 – 1995 Music High School ”Kornelije Stankovic”: Teacher (Subject: Conducting)

*1995 – 1996 Grammar School ”Sveti Sava”: Teacher (Subject: Musical Culture)

*1998 – 2000 High School ”XIII beogradska gimnazija” :Teacher (Subject : Music Art)

*1998 – 2003 Music School ”Vatroslav Lisinski”: Professor (Subjects: Piano, Conducting, Score reading), Conductor of the Choir, String orchestra and Accordion orchestra. As the guest conductor, she cooperates with the orchestra and the choir of the music school ”Petar Konjovic”.

She also cooperated with String Orchestra ”Pro Classica” ( In 2000, she recorded one project for music redaction of RTS (Radio Television of Serbia) with it), Symphonic Orchestra of Serbian (Yugoslavian) Army ”Stanislav Binicki” (2001, Club of Serbian Army), as well as with String Orchestra of School for Musical Talents in Cuprija (Serbia).

Apart from her work and cooperation with ensembles, she worked as a broadcaster of Radio News (1994-1995) – edited and broadcasted classical music program ” Stellar Sound Avenue”.

In 1999, she recorded a project ”Musical Alphabet” ( the book and cassette for musical literacy of children.) for the RTS publishing house.

From 2004 she is a member of “SERAPHIMS”, an ensemble with the composer Aleksandar Simic at the top, as well as a member of Music Artists Association of Serbia.

In November 2007, she received a prize for research in the area of contemporary Serbian spiritual music.

In the nineties, she sang jazz, evergreen, and pop music in Belgrade clubs.

She also worked with numerous artists from the world of pop, rock, and jazz music, and she is often a judge at various music festivals.

Professor Nada Vukovic has also specialized in pedagogy, working with vocal technique, for 30 years.

Ivana Selakov, Nikola Rokvic, Aleksandar Cvetkovic, Sasa Kovacevic, and Nenad Ceranic are just some of the Nada’s former students.

In 2009, she cooperates with Aleksandra Kovac, at the singing school “Voice of Belgrade”, and in 2010 she cooperates with Ivana Selakov at the “Ivana Selakov’s School of Singing”.

2011 – she founded a singing school “Voices of Hope”.

The students of singing school “Voices of Hope” participated at numerous singing competitions such as “Serbia got talent” (Manja Marković i Marija Serdar), “The first voice of Serbia”(Vesna Pavlović),“X Factor Adria”(Aleksandra Brković i Lana Šojić), “Zvezde Granda” (Milica Jokić, Tamara Dragić, Aleksandar Marinković Gute, Mirjana Šišić i Ivana Munđa), “Pink’s stars for kids” (Marija Serdar, Anđela Nešković, Anđela Tasić, Nikola Milenković, Irina Arsenijević, Ivana Babić, Anja Vučković, Teodora Radosavljević, Vladislava Jajčević, Manja Marković, Lana Vučenović, Elena Barišić, Darija Radaković, Dimitrije Jakšić, Mina Radulović, Ivana Dimkovski, Tea Vujović, Adriana Salahović i Eva Manić) i “Pink’s stars” (Vladimir Krunić, Stefan Cvetković, Uroš Stefanović, Kristina Kuzmanovska, Aleksandra Aleksić, Aleksa Savić, Nikola Petković, Vladimir Cvetkoviić, Vladana Andrić, Stefan Damjanović, Darinka Moldovan, Stefan Krstić, Aleksandar Gute Marinković i Firuca Čina) and “New kids” (Milica Jokić, Nemanja Stanković, Anđela Savić, Miodrag Lovrić i Manja Marković).

With her students, she takes part in many festivals around the world.

August 2017“Mednarodni otroški pevski festival Brežice” (Brezice, Slovenia)

September 2017“Sofia Gran Prix” (Sofia, Bulgaria)

October 2017“Rising Stars” (Vienna, Austria)

April 2018“Euro Stars” (Valletta, Malta)

August 2018“Tra-la-la” (Ohrid, Macedonia)

September 2018 – “Angel Voice” (Belgrade, Serbia)

November 2018 – “Singer Stage” (Valletta, Malta)

November 2018“Berliner Perle” (Berlin, Germany)

March 2019“Preparing Stars” (Baia Mare, Romania).

September 2019“Angel Voice” (Belgrade, Serbia)

June 2020“Star rain cup” (Berlin, Germany)

September 2020“Preparing Stars” (Baia Mare, Romania)

June 2021“Angel Voice” (Belgrade, Serbia)

August 2021“Preparing Stars” (Baia Mare, Romania)

December 2021 – “The city of talents” (Baia Mare, Romania)

February 2022 – “Angel Voice” (Belgrade, Serbia)

April 2022 – “SE-Aphrodite Voice” (Limassol, Cyprus)

Every July students from the singing school Voices of Hope are a part of International summer school Pucisca, on the Island of Croatia, Brac.

In October 2017th she published the book for children “Zoe, the young pianist”, for publisher from Cacak, “Pcelica”.

In 2018th, she formed the female choir called “Neume”, (Cultural Centre Sopot).

In 2020, prof. Nada Vukovic has become the International vocal coach, and supervisor, at P.S. Music Academy (Romania, Baia Mare)

In 2023, Professor Nada Vukovic established a singing school choir “The Voices of Hope”