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2011,  Magistra Nada Vukovic Djokic (conductor & vocal coach)  and her husband Sasa Djokic (composer & music producer) founds a singing school “Voices of Hope”. At the singing classes, Nada is working on the complete development of vocal capabilities of her students.

That consists of:

–  Voice range determination (soprano, alt, tenor, bass)

–  Mastering the breathing technique

–  Body stance, while singing

–  Rehearsal

–  Setting and tone quality improvement

–  Vocal range development and expansion

–  Practicing the stable intonation

–  Developing the voice volume

–  Setting the vocals (A, E, I, O, U)

–  Diction, articulation and phrasing

–  Correction of vocal errors

–  Practicing of controled use of air and dynamics during singing

 Developing of Falset and natural Vibratto

–  Developing of various vocal styles

Along the vocal technique, she is also a teacher of stage performance!

Best students of each level (kids level, beginner level, as well as an advanced level) will win scholarship to attend next level of the school.

After each completed level, all students will participate in live CONCERT!